High Rope Activities

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Zig Zag Bridge

As the name suggests, the planks are placed in a zig zag manner to make a bridge and you just have to cross it. It’s an easy one!.

Parallel Bamboo Bridge

Walk on a bamboo bridge while holding on to ropes on both sides. Experience and enjoy this fun activity.

Balancing Bridge

Keep a firm hold on the bridge railing to keep your balance as this bridge is designed to make you lose your balance. You’ll feel wobbly while you’re on it and that’s what makes it so thrilling.

Aerial Surf Board

How do you like the idea of surfing in the air? Yes, you heard that right! Surf on ropes while balancing yourself on the board and of course with all the safety measures.

Monkey Trail

The trail is 10 feet tall which is enough to give you goosebumps. This one is suitable for both adults and kids.

Balancing Beam

This is an interesting one. Balance yourself on the beam and cross over without falling. Sounds easy but will give chills down your spine.

Tyre Bridge

In this activity you have to cross several tyres which are suspended by a rope. This is surely a little challenging but double the fun. Gather your strength for this one

Broken Bridge

As the name says, you have to walk on a broken bridge while maintaining your balance. You have to get your way through this broken bridge keeping your composure in check.

Burma Bridge

This rope activity is a long walk on a shaky bridge. Keep your calm and you’ll get through this in a jiffy.